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Who Am I?

"My head is a stone. It's no use studying." 

In the past, these were the words Sarah Ko spoke to anyone who suggested she study. Yet now as a well-known PMHNP-BC and CEO of Together Mental Health, Sarah Ko shares her personal journey on discovering herself and the path she continues to walk to this day!

Radio Korea Interview

Starting a nursing career in her 30s, Sarah Ko, CEO of Together Mental Health, did not have the earliest start in nursing. Despite this, Sarah stands as the first acknowledged psychiatric nurse practitioner in the Los Angeles community!

In this Radio Korea interview, Sarah shares her insights and personal experiences of becoming a nurse in America.

Youtube Interview

This interview covers topics like career management, permanent residency, salary negotiations, etc.

Sarah Ko is an established PMHNP-BC who's written a book filled with how-tos and experiences that can be very helpful to anyone pursuing a nursing career!

An NP's Annual Salary of $100,000?

Get even more insight into a successful career in the nursing field as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner! Sarah Ko shares her personal story through this interview and shows a glimpse of her own book!


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